Trend Micro October 2013
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#Trend2020 Video Series #Trend2020 VIDEO SERIES
Looking Into the Future: Will Our Digital Lives Be Secure?
Trend Micro's Project 2020 is a Sci-Fi series of suspenseful, action-packed web videos. The storyline is based on security experts' predictions of what the Internet and society may look like in the near future, and what could happen when cyber criminals try to take over.
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Review: A Look at Mobile Banking Threats MONTHLY REPORT
A Look at Mobile Banking Threats
Cyber criminals use various tricks to mimic legitimate apps. As mobile banking gains popularity, individuals and businesses must take steps to protect themselves from these fake app threats. Our monthly report has examples of threats and malware spotted recently.
See tips for keeping mobile banking secure >>
Blog: Government Shutdown Putting US Cyber Security at Risk ANOTHER BIG CONCERN
Did the Shutdown Put U.S. Cyber Security at Risk?
During the U.S. federal government shutdown, the nation's highly interwoven IT infrastructure could have become much more vulnerable to opportunistic attacks. If there is any silver lining, it's that the shutdown may prompt Washington to begin formulating better contingency plans, both for future shutdowns and similarly damaging outages.
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Blog: Still Running Windows XP? GETTING WORSE
Mobile Malware, High-Risk Apps Hit 1M Mark
According to Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service feedback, there are now 1 million mobile malware (such as premium service abusers) and high-risk apps (apps that aggressively serve ads that lead to dubious sites). Of the questionable apps found, 75% perform outright malicious routines, while 25% exhibit dubious routines—like adware.
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eGuide: Manage Your Online Passwords on Multiple Devices E-GUIDE
How to Manage Your Passwords on Multiple Devices
If you don't manage all your online passwords correctly, you could be at the mercy of cyber criminals, who could steal your information, identity, and money. Learn how to manage passwords for all your online accounts, on all devices.
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Customer Review of the Month
"Great experience with Trend Micro Maximum Security last weekend. After accidentally downloading a fake Adobe Reader EXE to my new Windows 8 machine, Trend Micro successfully blocked the malware installation and immediately removed several malware files I'd acquired via the bad install file. Clear messaging throughout, fast and very reassuring. Best in class security software!"
--Max Gregory
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