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Is Your Android Phone Stale? Is Your Android Phone Stale?
A phone can be stale when its operating system is out of date. The operating system is the program on your phone that makes everything else run. Trend Micro's Christopher Budd has some advice on how not to end up with a stale Android phone.
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The Reluctant CEO: Eva Chen The Business Times Profile of Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen
Trend Micro's CEO, Eva Chen, does not fit into the image of a hard-nosed, go-getting power businesswoman. Relaxed and chatty, she easily bursts into laughter during a conversation. She loves to paint and avidly follows the US National Basketball Association...
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Trend Micro Consistently Ranks at the Head of the Pack Trend Micro Consistently Ranks at the Head of the Pack
Ever wonder if there was a way to compare the leading security software products to help you decide on which product to purchase? Well, AV-Comparatives' "Whole Product Dynamic Real World Protection Test" consistently ranks Trend Micro at the head of the pack against 20 other security vendors.
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Stricter Filters and Rules Are Not the Answer for Laptops in School Stricter Rules Are Not the Answer for Laptops in School
Trend Micro's Lynette Owens writes about a public school in Massachusetts that last year issued MacBooks to its students grades 8-12, for a 1:1 blended teaching and learning environment with the goal of achieving college and career readiness for the students.
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What Happens When The Cloud Goes Away? What Happens When The Cloud Goes Away?
When it comes to mobile and cloud services, the ones that fail to become profitable quickly shut down, even if they have many users who depend on them. There's not much you can do about services that use data that isn't yours (i.e., video and music streaming services). However, for your own data – such as documents, pictures, and news feeds – there are steps you can take.
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