How to Remotely Access Your Mom's Computer
to Help Her with Problems

If you have a close family member or even a distant relative that often calls you for help with their computer problems, there is a way to assist without leaving home. Michael Miley has figured out a way to help his mom while being miles away by remotely accessing her computer. Read his Fearless Web blog >

Cleaning up Your Hard Drive Can Improve System Performance

Our latest infographic provides tips on how you can regularly optimize your computers and mobile devices to prevent performance degradation, and ultimately, data loss. View the infographic >

What the Hack is Going on
with Twitter?

If you've watched the news recently and seen a ton of high profile hacks on Twitter, you're probably wondering what's going on. Jamie Haggett explains all the hacking of Twitter accounts and how you can best protect your online accounts. Read more >

Creating passwords, installing security software, practicing safe surfing habits—these typical security measures are not enough to protect your data stored in the cloud. To avoid unnecessary grief, you need to adopt a security-conscious mindset. Read the eGuide >

Free App: Trend Micro™ Mobile Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore is an essential free app that makes a secure backup copy of all your contacts, photos, videos and other files in the cloud, so you can easily restore them to any Android device whenever you like. Learn more >

Avoiding Bad URLs in the Mobile Web

Cybercriminals are stepping up the production and sophistication of their mobile threats. They're not stopping at just creating malicious apps. Now, they're making browsing the web on your mobile device dangerous. Read the eGuide >

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