Don't Be An April Fool — Travel Safety Tips

Tips for Avoiding Online Trouble While Traveling
If you're planning an adventure or two away from home, it's smart to spend some time considering the security issues and cyber threats that may cross your path when you hit the road or take to the skies with your laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Read more >

Africa: A New Safe Harbor for Cybercrime

Trend Micro researchers have three reasons for thinking Africa is poised to become a new cybercrime engine: (1) growing availability of fast Internet access, (2) expanding Internet user base, and (3) the lack of cybercrime laws. The news is not so much the threat, but the potential size of it, and what happens when 57 countries dramatically increase Internet capabilities. Read more >

Doxxing: The Celebrity Club You Don't Want to Join

There's one club right now that some major public figures and celebrities are in that they wish they weren't a member of and you don't want to join either: the doxxing club. Famous victims have had their detailed personal information stolen via "doxxing" and posted out on the Internet for all to see. Read more >

Bad Apple? Who's To Blame For Kids' In-Game Shopping Sprees?

This is a story about Apple and a group of angry parents whose kids did something they shouldn't have. It involves allegedly deceptive marketing practices, app-loving minors, parents who can afford to let their kids have or use Apple devices, and a class-action lawsuit against one of the most cash rich companies in the world. Read more >

Trend Micro™ Privacy Scanner for Facebook

To learn how to verify your Facebook privacy settings, receive recommended enhancements, and get help with the changes, watch this video. Download the FREE app for Android devices from Google Play.

Keeping Things Private Online

Your privacy is constantly at risk. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to protect it. They will not only help you minimize the amount of personal data tracked by websites and services, but they can also be used to tighten the security of your accounts.

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