5 Steps to Saving Your Android's Photos and Videos—Even if You Lose Your Phone!

If you're like most people, you've either lost a mobile phone, had one stolen, or dropped it and broke it. And every time you have a phone replaced, you have to set it up again—and often lose any files that may have been stored on your old phone.

If you didn't post your photos on Facebook, Instagram or another social network or online image repository, your photos and videos may be gone forever. And if those photos captured important family moments, the loss can be devastating.

Trend Micro is here to help. Our Trend Micro™ Mobile Backup and Restore app for Android™ tablets and smartphones makes it easy to save your photos, videos, and address book. It even includes an option to save your text message history, so you can revisit conversations with friends and colleagues.

You can download Mobile Backup and Restore app for free, and you are just 5 steps away from protecting your photos and other files if your phone is damaged or lost. After you download:

1. Create an account—your account will keep track of your free 50MB of cloud storage (you can get an extra 5GB for $19.99 a year).
2. Name your device—give it a name that's easy to identify, like "My Android."
3. Click the "Backup Now" button.
4. Select what you want to backup—you can save contacts, calendars, call history, photos, videos, and music.
5. Hit "Start Backup"—and you're files are safely on their way to the cloud, where you can retrieve them anytime.

That's it! Mobile Backup and Restore is so easy to use that you might forget it's working. Your first backup usually takes the longest—around 20 minutes—and speed depends on your network and how many files you have to backup. After that, it only takes 1-3 minutes for automated or manual backups.

And Mobile Backup and Restore has other cool features that really come in handy. For example, you can schedule automatic weekly backups so you don't forget to manually backup your files. And to save battery and data charges, the app gives you a choice to only backup when on a Wi-Fi connection and/or when plugged into a power source. When you get a new phone, simply download Mobile Backup and Restore to your phone, login to your account, and with the click of a button you can transfer all your old phone files onto your new device. Saving mobile phone files has never been easier!

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