Happy Holidays from Trend Micro

May your holiday season be happy, healthy, and free from scams, identity theft, spyware, adware, scareware, malware, and all other undesirable 'wares.

It's a time of year when we should celebrate what's truly important: our family and friends. Don't be afraid to turn off the computer, put away the phone, and enjoy the real-live company of others for a while. Happy Holidays!

Is Online Shopping Safe? 10 Tips to Help You Stay Protected

During the holiday season, some folks simply don't like going into stores, bargain hunting, or standing in long lines—but many of these same people enjoy buying gifts for others. Those of us who prefer to stay away from packed malls and shopping centers can shop online from the comfort of our home—or, in some cases, our desk at work. Read more >

Top 10 Online Scams of 2012

As we close out another year in Internet security, let's take a moment to remember the top 10 scams of 2012. From oldies but goodies, to entirely new innovations, cybercriminals made this year's online scams memorable. Read more >

Holiday Travelers: Beware Your Hotel Network

If you're traveling overseas this holiday season, take extra precaution when it comes to logging in to your hotel's Wi-Fi network. The FBI has recently seen an increase in incidents involving hotel patrons accidentally downloading malware. Read more >

2012 "What's Your Story?" Contest Winner

Congratulations to the SGP Video Club of Grand Prairie, TX for their winning video, "Choices." Watch it now >

TrendLabs Report: The Place of Privacy in Mobile App Use

Users are installing more apps and spending more time on their mobile phones every year—but they're still rightfully concerned about how apps affect their online privacy.

Our report looks at the privacy issues surrounding mobile app use, reviews recent threats, and lists the countries where it's most risky to download apps. Read the report >