October Is National Cyber Security
Awareness Month

When you think about exciting things that happen in October, Halloween might be the first event that leaps to mind. But it's not the only one. The cyber security community is working all month to raise awareness around online safety as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

The theme this year is "Our Shared Responsibility." If companies, organizations, and consumers all work together, we have a better chance at making the Internet safer. So what can you do as an individual to improve the safety of the whole Internet? Here are some tips from NCSAM:

Keep a clean machine. An up-to-date browser and operating system combined with quality security software are the best defense against online threats.

Protect your personal information. Be judicious about where you shop online and how much information you share by social media. And if you discover that your information has fallen into the wrong hands, know who to contact and what actions to take in the aftermath.

Teach your children how to become good digital citizens. Kids will model what you do so show them what responsible online behavior looks like. Stay involved so that you can help prevent cyber bullying and harassment.

Think before you act. Be suspicious of any offer that requires you to "act now", that sounds too good to be true, or that asks for sensitive personal information.

In our increasingly web-based, digital lives, the choices we make online have huge consequences for both ourselves and others. We have a responsibility to protect ourselves, and in doing so, we can help make everyone safer. That's the reason for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. No one individual can be expected to make the Internet safe—but we can all do our part to try.

Learn more about National Cyber Security Awareness Month and get involved.

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