NEW! MacClean Tool—Peace of Mind
for Mac Users

With new malware infecting Mac computers, Trend Micro offers Apple fans a free clean-up solution that scans your Mac and alerts you if infections are found. If malware is discovered, MacClean prompts you to remove the malware and notifies you once the clean-up has been successful.

The malware affecting Snow Leopard and Lion users (known as Crisis or Morcut) typically installs secretly on Macs and stays on the machines until it's removed. Once installed, it runs certain commands that it receives remotely from a malicious user. Doing this puts affected Mac computers and information found on them at great risk.

MacClean offers Mac users the peace of mind they need to enjoy their Mac without having to worry about compromising their security. New pieces of malware entering the Mac world serve as another warning that Mac users need to be more vigilant than ever before.

So, what can you do to protect your Mac? Here are some simple tips:

1. Always keep up-to-date with patches and updates.

2. Apple's built-in security software is very basic. Checking for known malicious files alone will not protect you from the more sophisticated threats like Morcut. Go with a third party security app which can block threats dynamically before they reach your Mac.

3. Be alert. It sounds obvious but don't believe the hype and think that having a Mac makes you impervious to attacks. As we've seen more and more recently, the bad guys are targeting Mac users. Don't be caught without security.

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