Trend Micro eParenting Report: Bits and Bytes are the New Birds and Bees

For many parents, there's one discussion that's even harder than the talk about s-e-x. It's the one about cyberbullying.

A recent Trend Micro survey of 1,000 American households revealed that more than half of the families hadn't yet had a conversation with their children about cyberbullying. Many were putting it off until the kids were older; some felt it wasn't really an issue; and some felt that they didn't understand the technology behind it well enough.

Other important report findings include:
• 76% of parents think the Internet is forcing kids to grow up faster
• 55% of parents think it's impossible to keep children from seeing inappropriate material on the Internet
• 62% of parents think it's appropriate for a child to own a computer at age 13 or younger

In other words, kids are getting access to technology at a relatively young age, even though parents realize that access comes at a cost. How can you make sure your child realizes the benefits of technology while doing your best to shield them from the ugly side of the Internet?

A lot of it is simply keeping an eye on things: making sure the computer is in an open area in your house with adults nearby, "friending" your child on Facebook, following their Twitter feed. None of that is invasive—it's common sense.

But what do you do when you're not at home? And what can you do to block inappropriate websites and images from your machine if your child happens to click on the wrong link? That's where Trend Micro™ Online Guardian for Families comes in.

Online Guardian can monitor activities on social networking sites, protect against cyberbullying and predators, and filter out adult and inappropriate content. It even lets you limit Internet time and set a daily schedule. Kids might be growing up faster in the age of the Internet—but they don't have to grow up too fast.

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