Announcing Titanium 2013!
Your Social Networking Life—Protected

Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites have dangerous links that lead to viruses, malware, and other threats that can be used to hijack your computer or steal your identity.

Trend Micro™ Titanium™ 2013 includes powerful new features that make it easier than ever to keep your family's social networking experience safe from dangerous new threats. Read more >

Who Are You in the Cloud?

We've taken a look at the most common behaviors of Internet users and come up with four different digital "personas": the Web Wiz, the Optimal Prime, the Chatter Bug, and the Virtual Jock. They all use the Internet to shop, research, and socialize, but they all have different priorities—and different weaknesses when it comes to staying secure online. Read more >

Trend Micro eParenting Report: Bits and Bytes are the New Birds and Bees

For many parents, there's one discussion that's even harder than the talk about s-e-x. It's the one about cyberbullying. A recent Trend Micro survey of 1,000 American households revealed that more than half of the families hadn't yet had a conversation with their children about cyberbullying. Read more >

NEW! MacClean Tool—Peace of Mind for Mac Users

With new malware infecting Mac computers, Trend Micro offers Apple fans a free clean-up solution that scans your Mac and alerts you if infections are found. If malware is discovered, MacClean prompts you to remove the malware and notifies you once the clean-up has been successful.

MacClean offers Mac users the peace of mind they need to enjoy their Mac without having to worry about compromising their security. Read more >

Tom Kellerman, a Trend Micro vice president, talks about why Apple computers are now being targeted by hackers. Watch now >

Trend Micro "Race to Security"

This year's Summer Olympics generated hundreds of online scams. The summer games may be over, but cybercriminals use most major sporting events to victimize unsuspecting fans. Our Security Guide to Major Sporting Events offers tips for staying ahead of the latest scams. Are you a sports fanatic? Loyal Supporter? Or just a curious observer? Take the test and find out which team you're part of!