Get Your Kids and Your Computers Back to School

In spite of your best intentions, somehow the kids spent another summer goofing off on Facebook and watching YouTube videos. How can you help them get their minds back on their studies? Start by making sure their computers are ready to face another school year. Read more >

Beware of Poisoned Search Results

In the early days of the Internet, most viruses spread by email. Not so anymore: you're far more likely to fall victim to malware through poisoned search results than you are from clicking on a malicious email. Read more >

Online Bank Fraud: Cybercriminals' Newest Way to Steal Your Money

Ever the innovators, cyber thieves have figured out how to infiltrate your bank account and siphon money out of it without you ever suspecting you've lost a penny. Read more >

Infographic: What Type of Gamer are You?

Our new infographic illustrates some quick stats on casual and hardcore gamers as well as the risks they may encounter. Can you guess how many times the Angry Birds games were downloaded? How about the estimated population of console gamers? To know the answers to these and more, download our latest infographic "What Type of Gamer Are You?"


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