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Trend Micro recently launched a year-long initiative with prominent bloggers from all over the world. Every month, they and their families complete a challenge that's related to digital security. Then they write about it, so that everyone—the Digital Joneses and you—can have a frank, meaningful, and enlightening conversation about living in a modern, digitally-connected household.

Last month, we challenged the Digital Joneses to "spring clean their digital life." You know—de-clutter their email, delete old programs, update software and passwords, and other activities that help to ensure all their devices are running efficiently, and their e-files are organized and properly stored. Here's what they had to say about their digital spring cleaning:

"I didn't know where to start. With thousands of pictures stored online, even more unread emails in my inbox, and so many files with contents that are a mystery to me I was overwhelmed. Thankfully, Trend Micro has created a digital spring cleaning checklist. Being an avid to-do list maker and checklist lover this made me very excited :)" (Making Time for Mom)

"Cleaning your digital home not only helps to free up space on your devices, but you will also have made great progress in securing your digital home. And, whenever possible, integrate these items into your daily routine, then you will have a better tuned device that is more secure and will run more efficiently." (HighTechDad)

"Being the victim of a hacker more than once lately, I started with my password protection. I was disheartened to learn, while using Trend Micro's Password Strength Tester that my main password is only...gulp...34% effective. Yea, I got a big fat WARNING saying that my digital life was at risk. Ya think? I tested some other passwords and found that "THE" password that I thought no one could ever hack was a cool 60% effective." (A Day In Motherhood)

"One of the biggest challenges is keeping track, and compiling my online passwords, as well as developing a more organized way to keep track of their usage. But it doesn't stop there. I need to also review my social media networks and really assess the people who are connected to me and have access to the information I share, like say, in my Facebook page. Yikes!" (NY City Mama)

"It's going to take a while, but my goal is to delete the near duplicates and insure everything is fully backed up. The good news is that, with the exception of my photos, important documents on my computer's hard drive are now backed up (via Trend Micro's Safe Sync) and actually on there because I really need them." (And Twins Makes Five)

You can download our digital spring cleaning checklist here. After you've had a chance to tidy up your digital life, go to our Family Security page to learn more about the Digital Joneses and get ready for next month's challenge!

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