Have a Scam-Free Mother's, Father's, and Memorial Day

Between now and mid-June, a cluster of holidays mean you'll probably be giving or receiving a gift or card, or simply saying "thank you," to someone. If you're going online to make a purchase or send a message, here's how to make sure you don't get caught up in a spring holiday scam. Read more >

Summer Storms Increase the Risk of Data Loss

Floods, high winds, power surges: they're all hazards of summer storm season. And while a storm can do plenty of damage to your physical environment, it's important to be aware of the havoc it can wreak on your data, too.
Read more >

Are You Keeping Up with the Digital Joneses?

Trend Micro recently launched a year-long initiative with prominent bloggers from all over the world. Every month, they and their families complete a challenge that's related to digital security. Then they write about it, so that everyone—the Digital Joneses and you—can have a frank, meaningful, and enlightening conversation about living in a modern, digitally-connected household. Read more >

Cool Tech Gifts for Dads and Grads

As summer approaches there are plenty of rituals and milestones to celebrate: kids graduate from high school, young adults graduate from college, and fathers are honored the third Sunday of June. What do all three groups have in common? They can be really, really hard to shop for. Read more >


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5 Scams to Avoid in 2012

Every year consumers lose billions to scams of all types. The best defense? Knowing what to watch for. Play now >

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