Trend Micro™ Keeps Up with the Digital Joneses

To help families around the world, Trend Micro has developed a year-long study with prominent bloggers and their families to complete monthly technology challenges to help improve each family's experiences with modern technology.

"We know that most families, like the bloggers who are participating in the study, rely on the convenience and ease-of-use that technology offers to juggle their busy lives," said Carol Carpenter, general manager of consumer Trend Micro. "However, we don't know if families are aware of the potential threats they can run into and more importantly if they're armed with the information they need to help educate their kids. That's why we're so thrilled about this campaign and we hope others can identify with our seven Digital Joneses families to help raise Internet safety awareness among families around the world."

In the U.S., Trend Micro has selected seven bloggers with families from various regions around the country to participate in the year-long study. Each family will provide insights on how each monthly challenge affected their day-to-day life.

1. The Divine Miss Mommy, Stacie Connerty — Atlanta, Georgia
2. Attention Max, Max Kalehoff — New York, New York
3. And Twins Makes 5, Stephanie Manner Wagner — Chicago, Illinois
4. NY City Mama, Carol Cain — New York, New York
5. A Day in Motherhood, Lori Pace — Houston, Texas
6. Making Time For Mommy, Alicia Peiffer — Chicago, Illinois
7. High Tech Dad, Michael Sheehan — San Francisco, California

Take the first challenge! Digital Joneses IQ Quiz.

Learn more about the monthly challenges, the bloggers, and follow the families' experiences throughout the study at our Digital Joneses web site.

Keep up with the Digital Joneses on Twitter: #DigitalJoneses, #DJQuiz, #TrendMicro, and #FamilySafety.

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