Valentine's Day
Internet Scams

This month, you might see a few sweet Valentine's Day messages in your inbox or a couple of postings on your Facebook wall. The good news is that you might have a secret or not-so-secret admirer. The bad news is that you might be getting scammed. Read more >

Top Social Media Trends for 2012

Social media played a huge part in many people's lives in 2011, and was put to purposes both meaningful (the pro-democracy protests across the Arab world, as seen on YouTube or Twitter) and frivolous (Cow Clicker, anyone?). Here are a few social media trends we think will capture our attention in the year ahead.
Read more >

Kids and Smartphones: How to Stay Safe

For many parents, the safety reasons for allowing children to have a cellphone are so compelling that they far outweigh the risks. That doesn't mean there aren't risks, however. Let's review. Read more >

Clicking on Safety—Trend Micro™ Online Guardian for Families

Kids of all ages are using the Internet more than ever for homework, games, and socializing with friends. The Internet can be a great learning tool, but unless kids and parents take extra precautions, children may encounter inappropriate content while online. This new report from TrendLabs explains the risks of viewing online videos, file sharing, sharing links—and tips for a safer online experience. You'll also learn how Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families protects your kids when they're online provides peace of mind for parents. Download the report >


What If Computer Problems Were Literally Real?

The people at Awkward Spaceship have created a video that illustrates what it would be like if computer problems were real physical problems. Play now >

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