JULY 18, 2014
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Security for Home Users

Race to the End

The end of an event does not spell the end of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are surely looking out for the next big event to take advantage of.”

The games are over, the winners have been named. Fans cheered, some jeered.

Dubbed the “most-connected World Cup” ever, online service providers made sure that everyone—die-hard fans and curious observers alike—were kept up-to-date. Companies competed to provide the best services as team competition heated up. But guess what? So did cybercrime.

We’ve seen lots of instances when cybercriminals took advantage of major events to steal money and information from unsuspecting onlookers. We saw loads of World-Cup-themed phishing sites and spam this time, too. Football fans worldwide were tricked into downloading malware or clicking bad links with the aid of all kinds of enticing lures. We hope you weren’t one of their unwitting victims.

Staying Safe While Staying in the Know

There are tons of ways to stay safe from online threats even when keeping an eye out for major events. Here are just some of them:

  • Out-of-this-world offers. Anything that’s too good to be true is just that. It’s okay to keep an eye out for the best bargains. But it’s better if you watch out for scams, too. Cool prizes and freebies are just some of the stuff that cybercriminals can use to get you to click a bad link or download a malicious file.

  • Intriguing news. Wanting to stay in the know, especially when you’re rooting for a favorite team or player is natural. But it’s also natural for cybercriminals to use intriguing bits of information and fake videos to lure you into giving out one of the things you hold dear—your personal information. To stay safe from threats, only go to real news sites for news and updates.

  • Unprotected hotspots. We all love to stay connected no matter where we are. But not all of us have access to a secure Wi-Fi connection all the time. Sure, public Wi-Fi hotspots can let you stay connected but they can also cause you grief. Any enterprising hacker can sniff around and get his/her hands on the data that flows in usually unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Always be mindful of the security implications of your online habits. And remember that the end of an event does not spell the end of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are surely looking out for the next big event to take advantage of.

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