JULY 18, 2014
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Security for Business

Biting the 64-bit Bait

A single security gap in your network can spell big trouble for your company.”

As more and more devices migrate to the 64-bit platform, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of 64-bit malware used not just in cybercrime (ZeuS) but also in targeted attacks (KIVARS).

Unwanted Visitors

Over time, companies strive to continue hardening their networks against attacks. Even if IT teams continue to improve network security to thwart attacks, threat actors can be quite patient as well in finding gaps to take advantage of. Attackers will always strive to get their hands on company crown jewels after all.

Using What Works

Attack tools and tactics may change but one thing is for sure—attackers will target companies that keep a lot of confidential information stored in their networks. It doesn’t matter what platforms they use. In fact, we’ve found malware that are smart enough to adapt to the platform in use in target companies. In reality, however, they don’t need to use sophisticated tools all the time.

Threat actors have, in fact, been known to stick to tried-and-tested tools most of the time. That’s why they continue to exploit old vulnerabilities that unfortunately remain unpatched.

Holes and Patches

Most of the exploit attacks, targeted or otherwise, we have seen take advantage of vulnerable software. This is the reason why it’s important to apply the latest patches. A single security gap in your network can spell big trouble for your company. Getting compromised can put your brand at stake. Don’t give attackers the upper hand because they only need to abuse one weakness to enter your network.

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