JULY 4, 2014
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Security for Home Users

Smarter Living

Is the speed at which smartification is happening causing vendors to overlook security?”

The Internet of Everything (IoE), also known as the “Internet of Things (IoT),” is unstoppable. Change is inevitable because we’ll always look for things and ways to make life more convenient. Gone are the days when consumer demand dictated supply. Today, the latest technologies dictated what are made available in the market.

What have been dubbed “smart things” are now part of our daily lives. We use them as we go through each day, following the schedule we saved in our smartphone. We use smart appliances at home, even secure our homes with smart locks. This will increasingly become the norm as homes and communities become smarter over time. But is the speed at which smartification is happening causing vendors to overlook security?

Smart Tips for Smart Device Users

  • Read up. Know everything about your smart devices, if possible. Understand their capabilities. Don’t hesitate to ask local agents or distributors about updates and patches. Remember that everything Internet-connected can be vulnerable to online threats.

  • Choose right. Smart appliances and devices go to market faster than we can decide whether to buy them or not. Technologies are developed so fast that it’s hard to keep track. But in a smart home where everything is Internet-connected, a vulnerable appliance or device can mean a vulnerable home. Sadly, vendors think more about profits than they do security. To make sure your home remains your fortress, choose the appliances and devices that provide the best security.

  • Act smart. So what if you’re overly cautious. When it comes to privacy and security, you’re the one at the receiving end of damage and embarrassment caused by a breach.

  • Go the distance. You spend a sizable amount to get the latest technologies. It’s just right to go the extra mile by investing in effective system protection. Cybercriminals are, after all, just as innovative and enterprising as vendors and so will go after your latest gadgets. They will stop at nothing to break into your connected home.

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