JULY 4, 2014
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Security for Business

Endpoint Security Evolution

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to fall prey to an attack without even knowing it.”

We’ve seen technology grow and evolve at a rapid pace. To keep up, attackers also keep getting better at their craft. They abuse the latest tool, vector, bug, trend, platform, or device. After all, finding weak spots to exploit and use to their advantage is the name of their game.

Keeping Tabs

In the post-PC era, detecting malware and their payload is very difficult. With 65 million new attacks and counting launched each year, using good old-fashioned antivirus solutions is no longer enough. Not to mention that a single application can’t support all the tools and programs that we currently use on endpoints.

Then and Now

The malware of the past—Creeper, Brain, ILOVEYOU, and Stuxnet—were easier to detect and fight against because they appeared with significant time gaps. Now, detecting them before they can cause irreparable damage has become harder. The rapid evolution of devices and technologies has also caused crimeware to develop just as quickly. Reliable antivirus solutions of the past are no longer capable of protecting today’s endpoints.

These days, networks need protection not just from malware but also from malicious scripts and code that run on browsers as well as bad links spread through emails and social media posts. Today’s threats can come from everywhere and at an even faster pace aided by a robust cybercriminal underground economy that provides attackers everything they need to wreak havoc.

Layered Protection

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to fall prey to an attack without even knowing it. Threats can take any form and can strike anytime. That’s where layered protection helps. Traditional endpoint security is no longer enough. The abundance of smart devices and living smart lives requires smart protection that secures our data no matter where it resides.

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