JUNE 20, 2014
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Security for Home Users

The Race to Security Is On

The worst thing about scams is that you may not even know that you’re already being victimized.”

All eyes are on the biggest football event of the 2014. But as usual, cybercrime is not far behind.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Everyone is keeping an eye out on the latest sports news and updates. And where else do we get the information we need anytime no matter where we may be? Online. That’s why it’s not surprising that cybercriminals riddled the World Wide Web with traps—spam; malicious apps; fake news, promos, and videos—virtually any lure that can convince sports fans to click links to malicious sites or download malware onto their devices. But did you know what the worst thing about scams is? You may not even know that you’re already being victimized.

Staying Safe While Having Fun

There are lots of ways to stay safe from all threats while joining in on the fun. Here are just a few tips you can keep in mind:

  • Read, read, read. People say that it pays to know. While knowing the latest game updates is exciting, it won’t hurt to make sure you stay safe from security threats while enjoying yourself.

  • Know the real deal. Unknown sites and apps normally bring bad news. So do out-of-this-world promotions, deals, contests, and offers. Only buy stuff from official and licensed retailers and distributors. Cheap deals may cost you more than when you buy the real thing.

  • Think before you click. Anything that seems suspicious is just that. Emails are still the most preferred means of getting malware into devices and networks. Messages categorized as spam, especially those that come from unknown sources, are most likely to cause you trouble. It won’t hurt to verify their legitimacy first before even thinking of opening them.

  • Secure your taps. Protect your mobile devices and the data you keep in them by securing your settings and keeping your security apps up-to-date. A single tap on a bad link can lead to compromise.

Keeping tabs on the biggest events is always fun. But do know that you’re not the only one keeping an eye out on developments, cybercriminals are, too.

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