JUNE 6, 2014
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Security Spotlight

The Question on Privacy

As we marvel at technological developments, we know that every blessing can come with a curse.”

We’ve seen technology get better and better at a rapid pace. We celebrate technology’s exponential growth after witnessing slow Internet connections evolve to today’s lighting-speed Web browsing. Mobile phones the size of bricks have also morphed into powerful, compact computers that we can easily slip into our pockets and even wear on our wrists.

But as we marvel at these technological developments, we know that every blessing can come with a curse. We’ve seen one controversy after another surface on how some companies could be gathering too much user data.

Privacy Under Attack

One incident even led to an uproar on how privacy has died. Debates surfaced on the idea that data gathering is no longer an alien concept and that even cybercriminals are watching your every move.

Sellers and service providers follow consumers around to know what products and services they usually look for. Much like a coffee shop that takes note of regulars’ orders, companies also find ways to know their customers well.

Outrage on the Death of Privacy

While the companies behind modern-day means of convenience believe collecting data simply helps them know their market, their tactics can cause many to worry. How much do they know about you? No one can tell.

Allegations have been thrown big companies’ and organizations’ way for illicitly spying on normal users, which sometimes led to outrage. The idea of extensive monitoring based on tracking online searches to installing hidden cameras in game consoles and smart TVs can be considered crossing the line.

Drawing the Line

A year after the huge disclosure, several companies have become more transparent on what kind of data they gather from customers and why this is done. In their defense, companies said they only “spy” on their customers to give them better products and services.

And what do customers like Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes think? They don’t mind as long as they’re told they’re being monitored and have the freedom to decide whether or not they would participate in the companies’ marketing methods.

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