MAY 23, 2014
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Security Spotlight
Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected

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Why Threat Intelligence Is Important When Securing Against Targeted Attacks

Security Spotlight

Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected

Money is money, no matter where it’s found. Cybercriminals will always look for new tactics to use and new targets to abuse.”

We often say that cybercriminals will go where the money is. And we saw just that happen in the first quarter of this year. Cybercriminals went after previously nontargeted entities for their malicious schemes.

New Targets Acquired

With Bitcoin, and to a lesser extent, other cryptocurrencies making headlines, it was only a matter of time before these became cybercrime targets. Several Bitcoin exchanges fell prey to various attacks; some were even forced to shut down, including MtGox—once a high-profile and leading Bitcoin exchange worldwide.

Exchanges weren’t the sole cybercrime targets though. Bitcoins remained prime targets just like real-world currencies. We saw many malware families steal Bitcoin wallets.

Cybercriminals also set their sights on point-of-sale (PoS) systems, which are often used in the retail and hospitality industries to accept payments and provide operational information. Related attacks put millions of users at risk when their personal information ended up in fraudsters’ hands.

Ordinary Cybercrime Is Here to Stay

Acquiring new targets didn’t mean cybercriminals fully did away with more traditional threats. In fact, we saw new developments in familiar malware. Online banking malware, for one, sported a variety of new behaviors like using a Tor component to hide malicious activities, checking for security plug-ins, and using a “timed” downloader.

Ransomware, in the form of CryptoLocker, continued to plague users across regions, as variants targeted users in specific countries.

Eyeing the Prize

The threat developments in the part quarter proved that no one is safe from cybercriminals. Money is money, no matter where it’s found. Cybercriminals will always look for new tactics to use and new targets to abuse. As such, users and companies should never be complacent when it comes to security. Using the latest and most comprehensive security solutions and adhering to best practices should be a priority to stay safe from threats.

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