MARCH 28, 2014
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Connecting Online and Real-World Threats

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Security Spotlight

Connecting Online and Real-World Threats

Security problems may seem unrelated, but more often than not, they can be connected.”

We often talk about the latest online threats, but did you know that these can be tied to “offline” threats? A Trend Micro researcher found a phone phishing scam where he was asked to give out his banking information. While it may seem like a run-of-the-mill attack, a closer look shows that the incident could very well be tied to certain online threats.

Phone Phishing and Data Breaches

The scammer behind the incident clearly had enough information to successfully contact our researcher. How do scammers like him get your personal information?

One plausible explanation would be that a company with your information suffered a data breach. The data stolen from the company then end up in scammers’ hands. These scammers use this information to commit real fraud. This incident clearly shows just how a “digital” threat can quickly turn real.

Banking Threats, Online and Offline

The phishing incident can be seen as the real-world equivalent of online banking threats. And it shows that banking credentials are a popular criminal target, online or offline. In the digital world, the number of newly discovered banking malware reached 1 million in 2013 alone. And this number can only be expected to further increase as more people adopt mobile banking. It doesn’t help that you should also worry about real-world banking threats. As this incident proved, some criminals still prefer stealing the “old-fashioned” way.

Making the Security Connection

The featured phone phishing scam proves that security requires constant vigilance. Don’t view security problems as isolated cases. Security problems may seem unrelated, but more often than not, they can be connected or trigger a domino effect. Always be on guard for any potential threat that could affect your life—both online and in real life.

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