FEBRUARY 14, 2014
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Security for Home Users

Tips to Stay Safe from Threats This 2014

Each new year brings new threats, that’s a fact. We all need to be careful when going online.”

Each new year brings new threats, that’s a fact. We all need to be careful when going online. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind to stay safe from all kinds of threats.

  • Be extra careful when mobile banking this year. The number of mobile bankers is steadily rising and is expected to reach a billion by 2017. This makes mobile bankers more tempting cybercrime targets and mobile banking a risky activity. Don’t just rely on security measures like two-factor authentication. In fact, you can opt to personally consult your banks to ensure your accounts’ security.

  • Download apps only from official app stores. Android was the most popular mobile platform last year and will likely remain so this year. That’s why we believe cybercriminals will continue to ramp up their malicious and high-risk Android app production. 2013 ended with nearly 1.4 million malicious and high-risk Android apps; we foresee this number rising to 3 million by the end of this year so make sure you secure your devices ASAP.

  • Secure your new game consoles. Gamers may be in hot water this year because of the upcoming release of the Steam Machine, a Valve-designed console. Not only is the console proving to be in demand, it’s also going to have a Linux-based OS, which can lead to the creation of threats targeting another programming language. And because today’s consoles come with extensive online features, Web threats will be a concern, too. So securing gaming devices is also a must.

  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! Do you have a system that still uses Java™ 6 or Windows® XP at home? You’d better get cracking and upgrade, as support for both have either ended or is about to end this year. Java 6 no longer receives patches for flaws; Windows XP won’t either come April. Cybercriminals will no doubt take advantage of these facts. If you don’t want to become a compromise victim, upgrade!

  • Don’t believe everything you’re told. Cybercriminals are getting better at scamming people. They can even be considered professionals because they engage in research (aka, stalk their victims online) before doing actual work (aka, running a scam). We believe social engineering scams will be much harder to tell apart from legitimate promos. You can easily become a victim if you’re not careful. Be vigilant and skeptical; always verify first.

While some of our tips can be a bother, they’re worth doing, trust us. Prevention is always better than cure. Check out our online gallery for seven reasons why you need to rethink security.

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