DECEMBER 27, 2013
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Security for Home Users

Ahead of the Game

Getting a console isn’t just all fun and games, you need to secure it from threats.”

Gaming consoles have become a big deal for both die-hard and casual gamers. The demand is staggering—PlayStation® 4 and Xbox® One have each sold over 1 million units within 24 hours of their official release. The number of online console gamers is also expected to reach 165 million by 2017. But getting a console isn’t just all fun and games, you also need to secure it from threats.

“Foul Play”

Simply searching for the perfect console can lead to threats. We found that “Wii” was the top keyword used by bad guys to lead unsuspecting users to bad sites, followed by “PS3” and “PS4.” Searching, meanwhile, for free console giveaways led to varying survey scams.

Users are often encouraged to keep their consoles Internet-connected. But connecting your console to your home network can have drawbacks. Cybercriminals can get in to your home network and snoop via connected devices, including your gaming console.

Playing It Safe

Most major consoles have features that can help protect you against bad guys and other threats. Parental control options help parents restrict information-sharing, games, and even access levels granted in a gaming console.

Like movies and television shows, video games use a rating system to determine the appropriate audience for each game. This helps parents decide if a game is too mature for their children.

For more information and tips on securing your console, see “Ahead of the Game.”

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