DECEMBER 13, 2013
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Blurring Boundaries: Security Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

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The Online Gaming Console: Box of Entertainment or Box-Shaped Threat?

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Zero-Day Exploit Affects Older Versions of Windows

Security Spotlight

Blurring Boundaries: Security Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

2013 was full of good and bad surprises for online security and it’s safe to say we can expect more next year.”

As the fourth quarter of 2013 unfolds, it’s time to take a step back, look at what happened, and see where we’re heading next year. We did just that for you so we can continue to secure you and your family on the Web and what we found may surprise you.

Mobile Banking

We believe mobile banking will suffer from more man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks.

This year, we saw a notable surge in the number of online banking threats. The third quarter of 2013 particularly saw the infection count pass the 200,000 mark, the highest it has ever been. We also saw threats go mobile, as fake banking apps came to the fore, along with an update that turned a legitimate app malicious.

With nearly one in five U.S. smartphone users already getting into the habit of mobile banking, we believe more online banking threats will surface in 2014. We also believe normal means of securing online bankers like two-step verification or two-factor authentication will no longer be enough.

Stealthier Tactics for Cybercriminals

Targeted attacks are inflicted on government agencies and companies for either sabotage or espionage. They are known for stealth, remaining hidden deep inside office networks and stealing information in the background until it may be too late.

We believe that in 2014, targeted attack methods and techniques will be more and more used in traditional cybercrime. We’ve seen traditional cybercrime attacks designed to exploit bugs in popular software this year; next year will be no different.

Prior research, often to find software bugs, has been more of a targeted attack tactic in the past. The fact that cybercriminals are picking it up means the line between the two attack types are blurring. The recent end of support for Java™ 6 and the pending one for Windows® XP will make the situation ripe for cybercriminals to target those who still use the software.

Privacy Issues

After news of the National Security Agency (NSA) wiretapping controversy broke out, the Internet and its many denizens became much more concerned about online privacy.

We believe conversations revolving around privacy and trust will continue well into 2014 and beyond, as more and more efforts are exerted to better ensure privacy for all.


As modern gaming consoles increasingly become Internet-connected, we can’t discount the fact that threats targeting them will soon blossom. The release of new consoles like the Steam Box, may also herald the arrival of new threats, due to its Linux-based OS.

PC gamers are also at risk, with their souped-up systems prime targets for cybercriminals looking to mine Bitcoins. We’ve seen this happen before and with the rising Bitcoin exchange rate, it certainly won’t be the last incident.

Final Thoughts

2013 was full of good and bad surprises for online security and it’s safe to say we can expect more next year. More than ever, we need to be prepared.

To get the full picture on what may occur threatwise in 2014, read “Blurring Boundaries: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2014 and Beyond.”

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