OCTOBER 18, 2013
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Consumer App Risks and Benefits

Security for Business

Consumer App Risks and Benefits

Based on an RSA study, 10% of enterprises suffered a data breach due to social media use.”

Cybercriminals use mobile devices as an avenue for phishing attacks. Why? Because the increasing number of online banking transactions done through mobile devices makes them lucrative targets. One such mobile phishing attack used Facebook to not only ask for credentials but also credit card information.

The Dangers of Using Consumer Apps

Consumer apps like instant-messaging apps, social networking sites, and blogging platforms do enhance an organization’s productivity. They are typically used to communicate with customers and work colleagues. But since they are not specifically built for the enterprise environment, they can introduce security risks like malware infections and data theft.

Based on an RSA study, 10% of enterprises suffered a data breach due to social media use. Cases where employees posted confidential company data on their social networking pages have been reported. Despite the dangers though, only 33% of enterprises train their employees on properly using social media at work.

Here are some of the threats we’ve seen that can pose risks to corporate data:

  • Survey scams typically abound in social networking sites. They trick you into clicking malicious links that lead to fake surveys asking for personally identifiable information (PII).
  • DORKBOT malware spread via Skype. If you use Skype to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues, be careful because you may unwittingly be giving out confidential information to the wrong people.
  • WORM_STEKCT.EVL, meanwhile, spread via Facebook’s private-messaging tool. It can monitor not only the private messages you send over Facebook but also your Twitter and WordPress activities. Companies that use these platforms may be at risk of losing data.

Protecting Your Data

When used properly and securely, consumer apps can help your organization. To protect your data while reaping the benefits of consumer app use, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Use a security solution with Web, file, and email reputation technologies to keep threats from affecting your network.
  • Make sure your IT administrators teach you to adopt your organization’s consumer app usage policies and guidelines.
  • Encrypt the corporate data you store in devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

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