SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
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Security for Home Users

New iPhone 5 Launch Comes with Phishing Mails

Phishing scams put you at risk of fraud and identity theft.”

News of the iPhone 5 launch sprouted several online scams. One such scam involved a phishing attack that uses a free Apple device as lure to trick people into divulging personal information.

“S” Is for “Spam”

The scam follows the mold of the typical phishing mail. The spam tells you that you’re the lucky winner of an iPhone 5s promotional raffle. It then instructs you to click a link to a supposed online catalog of possible prizes. The link actually directs you to a spoofed site that asks for your email log-in credentials. Supplying that information won’t lead you to a catalog though. Your data is sent to the cybercriminals behind the scam, putting you at risk of fraud and identity theft.

The majority of users who fell for the scam within the first 24 hours of its discovery were from Southeast Asia. More than half of them particularly came from Malaysia.

Prevention, Not Cure

Like celebrity controversies and movie releases, highly anticipated device launches are also common scam fodder. Past Apple device releases, for example, were also used as social-engineering baits.

Knowing about social engineering—what it looks like and how it works—can protect you from becoming a victim. Read more about it in our e-guide, “How Social Engineering Works” and see our infographic, “Countdown to System Infection.”

Looking into an online security solution that not only prevents access to phishing pages and malicious sites but also blocks spam and other social-engineering avenues is also advisable.

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