JULY 12, 2013
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Security Spotlight

Popularity at a Price

You need to decide if using unaffiliated apps or services is worth the risk.”

When people use social networking sites to gain popularity, they become prone to cybercriminal schemes. Bad guys can capitalize on your need to boost your popularity by offering “services” that come at a very high price.

Fake Followers

We spotted a scam site peddling Instagram followers; the charged fee depends on the number of followers you want. To appear reputable, the site mentions popular transaction services like WebMoney, Yandex.Money, and QIWI. It also liberally uses the Instagram logo to feign legitimacy.

A reservation page on the site asks for your name, email address, phone number, and payment information. Cybercriminals can then use or sell your information while you get nothing in return.

A Popularity Contest

This isn’t the first time though that cybercriminals used Instagram followers as lure. Bad guys are aware of the allure of a high-follower count. Businesses may buy followers to boost their social networking presence. Regular users may want to increase their follower base for bragging rights or just want more followers to improve their chances at getting business offers.

Businesses often tap celebrities and regular users alike for sponsored social media posts. Having a large follower base makes an account more appealing to businesses. Though these types of deals often occur on Twitter, they could soon appear on Instagram, given its popularity.

At Your Own Risk

Using social networking sites often means dealing with third-party service providers. You need to decide if using unaffiliated apps or services is worth the risk. Double-check if apps and services ask for sensitive or financial information before installing or using them.

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