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Technical Account Management Services

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Put a proactive security expert on your team

Technical Account Management Services

Improve your security posture, increase the return on your Trend Micro investment, and benefit from a trusted partner who works alongside you to continually optimize security. Trend Micro Technical Account Management (TAM) Services provide expert proactive advice and security health checks to optimize your security defenses thereby improving the ROI on your security investment.

Why TAMs Are Better

Your dedicated TAM or assigned TAM team act as proactive advisors who focus on providing you with immediate, personalized service. They make sure that all your Trend Micro solutions are configured in the right way to address the challenges you face in your environment. And they are at your side should you encounter a problem or threat, analyzing, testing, or escalating as needed.


Reduce your risks

  • TAMs provide real-time advice on current security threats and risks enabling you to avoid infections and targeted attacks/APTs and safeguard your confidential data, intellectual property, and proprietary information

Prevent business interruption

  • TAMs conduct periodic health checks to ensure that you are receiving the maximum protection from your Trend Micro products to prevent data loss.

Save time and money

  • TAMs provide expert consultation on security issues helping you to avoid the cost of researching security options and potentially of implementing sub-optimal security decisions

Increase the ROI of security budgets

  • TAMs conduct annual security planning meetings to help you prioritize security investments based on your particular security needs and objectives

Improve Your Confidence

  • TAMs have direct access to the combined knowledge of 1,200 security experts and the largest cyber threat database in the world

How TAMs Do It

Technical account managers (TAMs) are your advocates who make sure you get the help you need quickly.

Service Feature What that means for you
Assigned TAM
  • You get a designated security expert from Trend Micro assigned to your account to coordinate and consult on all areas of your security solution
  • Your TAM acts as an extension of your security staff and will provide valuable advice and recommendations for improving your security processes and operations
Issue Management and Escalation Coordination
  • Should you have a security issue, your TAM will coordinate the process of remediation and will manage the escalation within Trend Micro to ensure that the issue is resolved  quickly and effectively
  • To speed resolution, your TAM will initiate remediation efforts within a 2 hour priority response service level objective
Periodic Telephone Meetings
  • Your TAM will regularly review issues, establish security objectives and discuss implementing best practices
  • Constant communication ensures that you have implemented the best available security solution
Annual Security Solution Health Check
  • Your TAM will provide an annual security health check that compares and contrasts your security posture with Trend Micro best practices for similarly situated customers
  • The health check will point out areas of improvement which will be addressed during the periodic planning meetings to ensure you have implemented the optimal security solution for your specific needs
Proactive Threat Alerts and Security Planning
  • Should you be susceptible to a particular threat, your TAM will proactively  notify you and discuss how to avoid or mitigate the impact in a way that helps you avoid downtime or business interruption
Remote Deployment Assistance
  • Your TAM will join you via Webex or phone to help you install, update, and  optimize your security solution to ensure that you have the maximum protection
  • Ensures that products are installed correctly and optimized for the specific environment to provide better protection
Best Practice Guides
  • Provide “tried and true” best practices for security solutions that enable you to implement the security features you need to be fully protected
  • Get the information you need to reduce the risk of security threats
Optional Emergency Onsite Assistance
  • Should you require onsite assistance to resolve a problem, you may receive onsite assistance for an additional fee.
  • This helps you resolve issues faster and avoid the costs of an interruption of your business.

Who’s Using TAMs

Your peers are taking advantage of everything at their disposal to make sure that they have the right security for their environments. Here’s what a partial list of satisfied Trend Micro customers had to say about the value they found in TAM services.

Motel 6

“Having access to an expert TAM really makes a difference. When something goes wrong, he immediately alerts us. If it is critical, we’ll get a phone call. Everything combined—Trend Micro solutions and service—reduces our risk and really improves our security posture. We have a lot of confidence now. Trend Micro has made a massive difference in our security.”
-Andrew McCullough, Lead Information Security Architect, IT Motel 6, Dallas, Texas

Global Manufacturer

“Because we have this partnership, lead by our TAM, I can say that Trend Micro has saved us multiple times. There have been headlined attacks, and we didn’t get hit. I remember once I got a call from our TAM and he said, ‘Shut off your email—there is a bad one in the wild.’ The call saved us. And that’s happened more than once.”
-Lead Network and Systems Administrator, Global Manufacturer, Foods Industry


“Throughout our deployment, we never waited more than a few hours for any fix—even at night or over a weekend. And we couldn’t get a higher level of expertise than what we get from Trend Micro Technical Account Management Services.”
-Kurt Nickolas, Security Analyst Consultant for Ceridian

City of Oulu, Finland

“The services engagement helped us with planning, sizing, and applying real-world experience to get it right the first time. Trend Micro services helped us meet our aggressive deadlines.”
-Jussi Tarkkonen, System Specialist, City of Oulu, Finland

“Without help from our TAM, we would not have been able to deploy and optimize features as fast. TAM Services also gave us the ability to get our enhancement requests escalated.”
-Philip Lee, Senior Technical Engineer,

Sharp Healthcare

“Today, we have the occasional question that we need help to answer, but most of our work with Technical Account Management Services is more proactive in nature. Our TAM helps us plan, or just look at new solutions so that we stay ahead of what’s going on. The relationship has absolutely worked for us.”
-Allan Rosenblatt, Technical Systems Administrator II, Sharp Healthcare


“In my 20+ years in IS, and working with many top companies, this is the first time I have experienced a real partnership. Our TAM works as part of our team. We have a very supportive, very positive relationship for tackling challenges. I’m so impressed with the way that Trend Micro helps us resolve issues in such a professional manner. It’s the best experience I have ever had—working with Trend Micro is what everybody would want to experience as a customer.”
-Eric Huguet, Senior Manager, Global High-End Services and Computing, VMware

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