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Project Consulting Services

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Your strike team for filling security gaps

Project Consulting Services

The smallest gap in protection can increase the risk of data theft and downtime. When you’re challenged with fewer resources or time pressures, our Project Consulting Services can fill the gaps so you can maximize your IT performance and be sure you’re protected against lost business, damage, and associated costs.

Project consultants have the expertise you need to optimize your Trend Micro solutions and maximize your IT performance. For project assessment, planning, deployment, and management, they can advise and assist you on virtually any security project for any stage of your solution’s lifecycle.


Expert Services

  • Assess your current security environment
  • Plan and design solutions that meet your objectives
  • Deploy and configure your solutions
  • Manage solution changes, optimizations, and migrations

Key Benefits

  • Better security, with the resources you need to get the project completed correctly by experts backed by Trend Micro deep knowledge and specialized talent 
  • Time-savings, with your project expedited by highly skilled and responsive staff
  • Maximum efficiency, with knowledgeable and experienced consultants working autonomously to free-up your IT resources
  • Knowledge transfer, with direct access to industry-leading security expertise
  • Better results, with best-practice methods and solutions tailored to your network and business needs
  • Greater return on investment, with your solutions expertly tuned for your unique environment

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