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Security optimized for VMware virtual environments

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The ideal security for your software-defined data center


Trend Micro works closely with VMware to provide comprehensive security for the software-defined data center. With our Deep Security platform, you can automatically secure workloads from the moment they are provisioned, reduce administrative effort with policies that are applied consistently across environments, and manage all security controls through a central dashboard. Our agentless and agent-based security solutions are optimized to minimize the impact on your CPUs, network, and storage.

The NSX platform represents VMware’s latest step forward to secure the modern data center, and working with partners like Trend Micro, enables joint customers to design and deploy the next-generation in secure data centers. The combination of NSX and the Trend Micro Deep Security platform, which is the only offering on the market to deliver both file and network-based security controls for NSX, furthers the automation of security while increasing protection for your virtual environment.


The software-defined data center with NSX micro-segmentation solves some of the most critical challenges of perimeter security. Deep Security extends the benefits of micro-segmentation with security policies and capabilities that automatically follow VMs no matter where they go. This results in the complete independence of a VM’s security posture, giving you the flexibility to run workloads with sensitive data next to workloads with no sensitive information. You no longer have to worry about threats moving laterally through the data center.


Choose Trend Micro Deep Security and VMware NSX to:

  • Greatly enhance your security posture through micro-segmentation
  • Simplify deployment and provisioning of security
  • Automate work flow across protection layers

  • Provide elastic protection and scalability



Organizations currently using VMware and considering migrating to NSX, can take advantage of Trend Micro’s unique ability to provide a single security solution to manage both current and future deployments. Trend Micro’s modern data center security supports NSX with a comprehensive security platform designed to provide server, application, and data security across physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Security for VMware

The tight partnership between Trend Micro and VMware, the recognized leaders in virtualization, means that Trend Micro can provide you with a comprehensive range of security across all VMware environments, including vSphere 6, NSX, and vCloud Air. This ensures that organizations running VMware can be safeguarded by Deep Security


With thousands of successful customer deployments worldwide, Trend Micro Deep Security for physical, virtual, and cloud environments has proven its ability to improve security, manageability, and VM density. Security capabilities include:

  • Anti-malware with web reputation. Get timely protection against the constant malware attacks on your systems and data. Powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, Deep Security deployments leverage the latest in global threat intelligence.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention. Shield unpatched vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed from attack with security policies that update automatically to ensure the right protection is applied to the right cloud servers at the right time.
  • Advanced host firewall. Create a firewall perimeter around each cloud server to block attacks and limit communication to only the ports and protocols necessary, with the ability to log and audit traffic for compliance reporting at the instance level.
  • Integrity monitoring. Meet your compliance file and system monitoring requirements while ensuring unauthorized or out-of-policy changes—across files, ports, registries, and more—are detected and reported.
  • Log inspection. Use the centralized security console to identify important security events buried in multiple log entries; and, forward suspicious events to an SIEM system or centralized logging server for correlation, reporting and archiving.
  • Application scanning. Scan applications and platforms continuously. Expert testing and false positive removal guards against the latest vulnerabilities without the administrative pain.

Security and operations visibility

VMware and Trend Micro have partnered to deliver the first security and operations management solution designed for virtualized environments. Trend Micro Deep Security Management Pack for vRealize Operations allows the operations team to see the security status, security-related events, and overall health of the virtual data center from a single view. This allows the operations team to correlate system activity with security activity and address problems in the virtual data center holistically.

Trend Micro Deep Security with VMware vRealize Operations (Advanced edition) delivers unique benefits including:

  • A real-time unified dashboard that allows the operations team to correlate IT and security incidents in their environment and be more effective in responding to these events
  • Correlation between security incidents and virtual machine operations that can save hours or days of debugging and prevent costly downtime of decommissioned VMs
  • A quick visual representation, through a heat map, that shows which computers have had security events triggered

The Trend Micro advantage

Trend Micro has received the IDC1 #1 ranking in market share for server security (which includes virtualization and cloud security) every year since 2009. We continue to lead the market with significant advantages to give you virtualization security with high performance gains and low TCO:

  • Trend Micro Deep Security is the first and only solution on the market to deliver agentless security for NSX across both network and file-based security controls, driving significant improvements in security automation and deployment
  • Deep Security is the first agentless security platform for the VMware Hypervisor
  • Deep Security is the first security solution to integrate with cloud platforms including vCloud Air, AWS, and Microsoft Azure
  • Deep Security is the first security architecture designed for service providers and enterprises with software-defined data centers; with support for multi-tenancy, auto-scaling, utility computing, and self-service
  • Trend Micro for vRealize Operations Manager allows administrators to see the security status, security related events, and overall health of the virtual data center from a single view
  • New Deep Security reference architecture integrates agentless security and delivers fully-managed or co-managed security as part of a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering


Whether securing your data center's virtualized servers, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or vCloud Air, Trend Micro Deep Security has your VMware environment covered.

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