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Trend Micro Deep Security does more than secure physical, virtual, and cloud servers. This advanced server security platform is optimized to help you achieve greater VM density, IT efficiency in patching, and ease of public cloud management. So you can lower IT cost while still maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. See what Deep Security can do for your organization.

Improve ROI with industry-leading server security that can help you triple VM consolidation rates

Get mature technology from the recognized leader in virtualization security. With integrated security designed for virtual servers, you can remain secure without sacrificing performance or management. Deep Security helps you secure your virtual environment for the increased efficiencies of cloud computing. VM-aware security preserves performance, and increase VM densities. Independent tests show an increase in consolidation rates of up to 3x without AV storms.

Learn more about how Deep Security helps you get more out of server virtualization:

Maximize VDI security and performance with both agentless and agent-based deployment options

Get comprehensive protection for virtual desktops while preserving performance and consolidation ratios. Built specifically to handle the rigors of virtual desktop environments, Deep Security maximizes protection for a broad spectrum of virtual desktop scenarios. True agentless security for VMware VDI environments—antimalware, intrusions prevention, web application protection, firewall, and more—ensures no extra footprint from a security agent to impact the virtual desktops and the underlying host.

And agent-based security protects non-VMware VDI and virtual desktops in local mode. These flexible VDI security options let you can maximize both the protection and ROI of your company’s unique VDI investment.

Shield vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, saving the cost of emergency patching

Hundreds of software vulnerabilities are exposed each month, and timely patching is expensive, prone to error and often impossible. Trend Micro virtual patching solutions deliver immediate protection while eliminating the operational pains of emergency patching, frequent patch cycles, and costly system downtime. Deep Security virtual patching keeps your servers and endpoints protected while preventing costly emergency patching and upgrades as well as reducing the risk of breach disclosure costs. It even helps to extend the life of legacy systems and applications.

Control and encrypt data in the cloud and validate server access

Whether you’re deploying a private, public, or hybrid cloud, Trend Micro provides you with total cloud protection that’s optimized for virtual and cloud environments.

Address major regulatory requirements for PCI DSS 2.0, HIPAA, NIST, SAS 70, and many others

The complexity and fluidity of desktop and server virtualization pose security, compliance, and performance risks that require specialized, virtualization-optimized protection and performance. Deep Security provides integrated security and compliance for business systems operating in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Deep Security addresses 8 PCI DSS requirements and provides core security controls with a unique approach that economically solves the toughest compliance challenges. 

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