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AWS Security – Defend Your Workloads

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Comprehensive AWS Security that won’t slow you down

To help meet your shared security responsibilities, Trend Micro provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities available for AWS. Our seamless integration means you can automate security — decreasing cost and complexity and accelerating the operational benefits of the cloud.

Simplify your life with Trend Micro™ Deep Security, built from the ground up to work seamlessly with AWS.

Sharing responsibility for security

When you move to the cloud, the security landscape changes. AWS and you share responsibility. AWS takes care of securing the cloud infrastructure and you manage the security for everything you put in that cloud.

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AWS provides a secure infrastructure, so why do you need additional protection? Many companies need to add security controls to cloud workloads for compliance – to meet regional regulations or PCI DSS requirements. Others want to ensure they are protected against the next zero day vulnerability or attacks on their networks or applications.

To balance risk and agility, industry analysts like Forrester Consulting recommend security controls be customized to each workload – so time to value isn’t impacted.

Cloud security experts also recommend controls be applied directly on the instance to retain the agility of your cloud deployments. With host-based controls, you prevent security bottlenecks and enable secure auto-scaling with audit evidence.

Trend Micro Deep Security was built from the ground up for AWS and delivers comprehensive security without getting in your way. Learn how


Automated, scalable security that gets out of your way

Trend Micro Deep Security is tightly integrated with AWS for seamless protection and compliance.

  • Defend against network attacks
    Proactive intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS) goes beyond passive traffic analysis – and actively prevents attacks. The lightweight Deep Security agent is optimized for AWS, instantly protecting your workloads, without slowing systems down.
  • Virtually patch software
    Hackers can quickly exploit zero-day vulnerabilities like Heartbleed or SQL injection flaws -- leading to data breaches and serious brand damage. Stop scrambling with emergency fixes and instantly shield workloads with virtual patching.
  • Keep malware off workloads
    Protect your Windows and Linux workloads from increasingly complex malware. Consistently rated the best performing antivirus solution by AV-TEST, we help you identify and remove malware and block traffic to known bad domains.
  • Uncover suspicious changes
    Get alerts when unplanned or malicious changes are made to your systems. Suspicious events are highlighted in the dashboard so you can quickly evaluate if there is a threat — without sorting through thousands of logs.
  • Speed PCI-DSS compliance
    Accelerate compliance by meeting multiple PCI requirements with a single product, including intrusion detection and prevention, file integrity monitoring, and log inspection.

Deep Security is available as software, as a Service, or from AWS Marketplace

Optimized for AWS

Trend Micro’s security solutions are optimized to work seamlessly on AWS, including support of the most common platforms like Linux, Windows, RedHat, SUSE, and Ubuntu.

  • Automatically detect new instances and rapidly protect them
  • Fully scriptable and integrated with cloud management tools such as AWS CloudFormation, RightScale, Chef, and Puppet
  • Provide multiple security capabilities in a single product, and a single agent

"Deep Security provides a single, comprehensive solution, that’s more effective and efficient than a collection of single function products."
Takatoshi Yokota, Supervisor, Media Office Brand Division, Shueisha Inc.

Flexible Pricing to Meet Cloud Needs

Deep Security as a Service provides flexible pricing to reflect how you use the cloud. You can pay only for what you use with a simple per-hour rate for securing your cloud instances. There is no minimum fee. Billing is monthly via credit card.

You can also purchase as an annual per-server subscription. For this and other purchasing options, please contact us at

Usage-based pricing for AWS

Subscribe to Deep Security as a Service and pay only for what you use. Starting at $0.01 per hour*, you can enjoy comprehensive protection for your AWS workloads, without long term commitments or minimum fees. For example, you can protect:

  • t2.medium instance for $0.0104/ hour
  • m3.large instance for $0.028/ hour
  • m3.2xlarge instance for $0.06/ hour

Try free for 30 days

Get full, unlimited access to the Deep Security service for 30 days. This includes:

  • All security capabilities: intrusion prevention, host-based firewall, anti-malware, web reputation, and integrity monitoring
  • Full AWS integration including AWS AutoSync for elastic security deployment and management
  • Integrated dashboard and customizable security policy templates

No credit card is required for trial registration.

Get Started Now

See how fast and easy it is to add security to cloud deployments with a free trial of Deep Security as a Service.

Free trial

*NOTE: Requires cloud connector to be used so instance type and size can be determined. Price varies based on type of instance, starting at $0.01/ hour, to a maximum of $0.06/hour. If instance size is unknown, the $0.06/hour rate will be used. Hourly price is calculated based on 20% of the on-demand US East Linux EC2 instance cost, to a maximum of $0.06/hour.

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